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Love is in the ... Ocean 


French Angelfish - the beautiful little fish that inspired one of our debut prints almost never leaves their partner; they live, travel, hunt & help each other defend their territory against other fish - they are the equivalent of that couple you know who are always joined at the hip! 


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Shrimp - Several species of shrimp make home inside an intriguing glass sponge called a Venus flower basket - big enough to house two adult shrimp, a male and female, who live out their lives inside the sponge, when they breed, the offspring leave whilst tiny enough to get out and find their own Venus Flower Basket - similar to that couple you know who live in a tiny, cosy cottage but still seem to fit all their kids and possessions inside it!

Photo credit: National Geographic 


Four-eye Butterflyfish - similar to the French Angelfish these pretty little fish form pairs early on in life - if the two fish become separated, one partner will swim upward for a better view in an effort to re-join the other partner - a bit like a young, teenage couple (first loves) who can’t bear to be apart! 


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Seahorses  - 

Upon meeting male & female seahorse brighten in colour and dance together - twisting their tails together and swimming in circles … Ok so it might only last for the breeding season - its their idea of a holiday romance 

Photo credit: Media4News 


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