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Incase you've been hiding under a rock recently, The World Cup starts TODAY! If you're something like us and not overly interested in watching the football - we have some ideas on how else to spend the time .. 

We checked the schedule - first match12th June and the FINAL - 13th July! Most games appear to be shown in the evening between 5pm & 2am, 90 odd minutes of football and some chit chat either side we'd suggest blocking out 2-3hours. Over the next month we will be sharing all our favourite football alternatives ...  


WATCH: Orange Is the New Black - Netflix 

Piper Chapman leaves behind her fiancé Larry to serve her time in prison with an eccentric group of outspoken inmates, each with her own story and her own fascinating ways of dealing with prison life. 

Sign up to Netflix and start watching - you won't be disappointed! 



PAMPER: The Perfect Bath

1. Leave your phone in another room, turn it on silent, hide it

2. Light some candles (lots of candles) and run a WARM bubble bath 

3. Add bath oil - lavender, jasmine, iris and rose all help with relaxation 

4. Use a body scrub - it will help you unwind and buff away dryness leaving skin super smooth

5. And ... RELAX 




Call the girls, head to your favourite cocktail bar and spend the evening catching up -

just make sure you pick somewhere that they aren't showing thefootball on a large screen


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