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1. File nails in one direction towards the tip-We like square or squoval (square shaped with slightly curved corners)

2. Buff nails with a nail buffer to ensure an even surface

3. Soak your fingers in warm, soapy water for five minutes to soften the cuticles. Apply a dab of nourishing cuticle oil and massage in

4. Gently push back your cuticles with a wooden manicure stick. Trim cuticles and any hang nails with a cuticle trimmer

5. Apply a Basecoat. This helps the polish go on smoothly and last longer. Try Essie all in one Base Coat. 

6. Brush on two thin coats of colour, waiting a couple of minutes after each hand. Use three strokes on each nail—on either side of the nail, then a swipe of colour across the tip to prevent chips. We love bright pinks, blues and pastel shades for Spring & Summer 2014

7. Apply a Top Coat. We love Essie good to go top coat, which is fast drying. Don't forget to apply the top coat across the tip of each nail as well!

8. Clean up any colour outside the edges of your nails with a manicure stick wrapped in a thin layer of cotton and dipped in nail polish remover

9. Keep cuticles hydrated which will help make your manicure last longer. We love OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go

10. Moisturise hands regularly in between manicures. We love the fresh scent of this hand cream by Caudalie. Small size so fits in your handbag too! 


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