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Booked your holiday, bought your bikini, body not seen the sunshine since last summer? No worries! Follow our self-tanning tips and you'll be looking sun kissed before you board your flight.


PREP IS KEY! Make sure your skin is in tip-top condition for a perfect, even tan! Scrubbed, moisturised, fuzz free and ready!

If you need to wax or shave, do this at least 24 hrs before tanning to prevent patchy fake tan. Use a good body scrub to EXFOLIATE for a few days prior to tanning, concentrating on drier areas like knees, elbows and ankles: 

This one is by a good British brand, Orico! Use exfoliating gloves in your daily shower with a moisturising body wash. This is essential if you're a tanning junkie as it helps to avoid build-up of tanning product on the skin which can lead to an uneven tan!

If you're in a hurry, try an “in-shower”body lotion, wash with your usual body wash, apply, rinse and go! Nivea do great ones. There's even an "after-sun” version for on hols!

MOISTURISE with a good body lotion a few consecutive days prior to tanning. We love this from Nivea at the mo.

SELF TAN Xen-Tan Dark Tanning Lotion is our go-to self tan!

Use a mitt or latex gloves to evenly apply tanning mousse or lotion. If using a spray, use the mitt to even out product. Start with your face (making sure you work well into the hairline - don't forget your ears!) and work your way down your body in stages, leaving hands and feet until last. Use excess product from your arms and legs instead of applying it directly and then use the mitt to apply tan to one hand, then the other. Allow to dry completely before dressing. Top tip: Wear dark-coloured, baggy clothes. For best results, tan at night and sleep in it. Or leave on for at least 8 hours. Daily moisturising and exfoliating every 3 days will help prolong the tan. Don't be tempted to tan more than twice a week unless you are going for the perma-tan look!

Happy tanning!


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