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The sundowner tradition originated during Africa's colonial period, the British turned to gin & tonic after completing a days work and also in the hope of warding off the effects of malaria - the quinine in the tonic was thought to prevent malaria - the gin made it taste good. 

Its now a classic safari tradition, watching the sun go down - hence "sundowners" - whilst enjoy a drink; cocktail, beer, non-alcoholic - your choice. At Meyli Miyaru we like to celebrate the start of the weekend with a Sundowner and being friday we thought we'd introduce you to our little tradition - We've been working in San Diego this week so we headed down to the Union Bar, Encinitas and ordered a 'Dark & Stormy' cocktail (and a glass of red wine). 


Dark & Stormy Cocktail 

1 part Captain Morgan Black, 3 parts Ginger Beer, Lime

Fill a highball glass with ice and ginger beer, then slowly pour in the dark rum so that it layers at the top, add a squeeze of lime and Enjoy


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