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5 Reasons we love Leggings ... 

Our Leggings aren't just great for scuba diving, they are also perfect for swimming, surfing, snorkelling, paddle-boarding, workouts  - here we list 10 reasons why we are living in our Dive Leggings. 

Starfish dive leggings for snorkelling

1) They offer great protection from sun rays so you won't burn while you're snorkelling (if you wear fins without booties don't forget to put suntan lotion on your ankles!)

2) they protect you from the ocean - little stingers while you're swimming or the reef in surf wipe outs ...

3) And keep you warm while scuba diving 

4)  They are great out of the water for running & beach workouts -  and you have the perfect excuse to dive in the ocean after and cool off with a relaxing swim

5) They are super comfy ... And look pretty freakin' AWESOME!


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